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“A Nyírség Ásza” - TV show
1st prize 
Nyíregyháza, Hungary
January 1989

Luca Marenzio International Chamber Song Contest

2nd prize 
Coccaglio, Italy
August 1991 


“Ki mit tud?” - TV show
1st prize of the category
Budapest, Hungary
September 1993   

International Choir
Competition „Guido d’Arezzo“ 

1st prize 
Arezzo, Italy
August 1994 

Tolosa Choral Competition
1st prize in category of
profane music

2nd prize in category of religious music 

Tolosa, Spain
October 1995 


Béla Bartók International
Choir Competition, Debrecen

1st prize and Grand Prix
Debrecen, Hungary
July 1996 

Tolosa Choral Competition
1st prize in category of
religious music 
2nd prize in category of
profane music

Tolosa, Spain
October 2009



Jeremy Jackman 
The King’s Singers
1991 Wien, Austria 

Jeremy Jackman 
The King’s Singers
1992 Budapest, Hungary

Alastair Thompson
The King’s Singers
1996 Nyíregyháza, Hungary 

Rebecca Stewart 
Capella Pratensis
1997 Szombathely, Hungary


Bill Ives 
The King’s Singers
1998 Nyíregyháza, Hungary 

Sally Dunkley & Francis Steele 
The Tallis Scholars, The Sixteen
2001 Nyíregyháza, Hungary 
2002 Nyíregyháza, Hungary 

Francis Steele 
The Tallis Scholars, The Sixteen
2004 Roujan, France
2015 Roujan, France  

”After The Tallis Scholars’ debut in Budapest, a young man introduced himself to Sally and myself, and gave us a CD made by his own group: a common enough occurence. And yet, back in London the next day, we instantly realised what a rare gift this had been. Enthralled by the sonority and the justness of the tuning and ensemble, by the thoughtfulness and reverence with which this young group, Banchieri Singers, approached the music, I wrote to them to express my admiration. In fact the singing was so exciting and accomplished that, when they replied by inviting us to give a week long masterclass in Nyiregyhaza, I was a little apprehensive; what could we offer such talented people? Well, now that we have visited Nyiregyhaza twice, my doubts have evaporated. For we found there a group of 6 young, intelligent, energetic people; each one an accomplished singer, yet appreciative of the fact that in this music, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the ideal group with whom to study the music, the text, to uncover the mind and intent of composer and poet - for in this music, I believe, everything is accessible to anyone who is willing to search for it. So together we listened through the keyhole, with Gesualdo, to the breathless urgency of the lovers’ gasps (Sospirava il mio core); we pondered with Mundy (Were I A King) whether high or low birth is preferable, or even death; and we heard in the desert a solitary inconsolable wail, that of Rachel weeping for her dead children. (Vox in Rama) We studied the music, yes, but we also laughed and talked, ate and drank together, were enfolded in deepening friendship, and this gave us courage to experiment, to trust each other, and a sharpened awareness of each others presence, all essential to consort singing. In short, the two weeks were wonderful, thrilling. Just listen to the vibrancy and vitality of these performances, and I think you will understand my excitement.”

FRANCIS STEELE ///// The Tallis Scholars, The Sixteen, 2002

”The performances of the group always means tense musical experience. 
Their exceptionally clear intonation, equalised sound, wide dynamical, expressive, often humorous performance makes their show entertaining and diversified.”

DÉNES SZABÓ ///// Cantemus Choir Institute, 1998

”I have been keeping track of the activity of Banchieri Singers since their formation.
Their musicality, sensivity to compositions, and stylistic confidence from Renaissance choral
works to contemporaray music aroused my attention at the very beginning. These most important characteristics have been improving and refining year by year. Their values are accompanied by the joy and ease of singing which characterizes only the best…“

MIKLÓS KOCSÁR ///// composer, 1998

”A week’s course with the Banchieri Singers turned out to bea lively affair. Their vivacity and sense of humour were always present, andthey radiated so much energy that I was never tired - at least until the end of the week, which culminated in a concert at which the whole town seemed to be willing them on to success a quite memorable evening!


Their common background of the Kodaly system has stood them in good stead: they listen well
and like to make music, not just Singers noises. I saw it as my task to encourage this musicianly approach, and to give them some hints on how to make the sounds they wanted without distorting their bodies and voices in the process. We also thought about the interpretation of different styles of music, and about what I can best describe as “orchestration”: when a full group sound is required, or when some voices need to stand out while others melt into the background: how to create a string sound, a double bass or bass guitar or whatever, achieving the maximum effect with the minimum effort. They learned quickly, as young, intelligent people always do; and their concerts will always give a great deal of pleasure to many people.”

ALASTAIR THOMPSON ///// King's Singers, 1997

“The Hungarian choir from Nyíregyháza Banchieri wasbrilliant in its artistic achievements, it sang with ease, precision and, mostof all, a warm musical feeling.”


KONSTANTIN BABIC ///// New Sound, 1996



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